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Charlotte Heloise


Charlotte Heloise was mesmerised by Tribal-style bellydancers at Pagan Pride UK’s cabaret events during 2011, and in January 2012 she started training at Nottingham Tribal Bellydance’s  FCBD ATS Sister Studio with Beatrice Flowers, and later with Denise Piggin and Anna Sollini.


In November 2012 she also started training with Robyn in BlackSheep BellyDance SGI format, and fell even more deeply in love with the ethos and practice of Tribal-style bellydance.


Appreciating both the many physical benefits of BSBD’s unique approach, and the emotional and spiritual rewards of such an inclusive and collaborative (and fun!) art form, Charlotte Heloise took the opportunity in August 2012 to train with BSBD’s originator, Kajira Djoumahna, and is now certified to teach levels 1 and 2.


In addition to teaching and performing with BlackPeacock, she still trains in ATS on a weekly basis, dancing with both the Yakshini Tribe and the Koyuki Tribe, and is just beginning to dip her toe into the exciting world of Tribal Fusion, with Robyn as her primary tutor and inspiration. Charlotte can also be seen performing across the UK with Qu-Tu!


Charlotte Heloise has also been lucky enough to train with national and world-renowned teachers and performers including Ariellah, Paige Lawrence, Elin Kaven, Bex, Bridie Przibam, Deana of Tribal Unity and Pauline Qu.

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