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BlackPeacock BellyDance

Group Improvised Style

So, what is it?​

There are many different incarnations of Improvised Tribal BellyDance styles, this is ours! Improvised tribal has no choreoraphy but rather a language of movement made up of vocabulary (the movements) and grammar (the principles we use to put them together and add accents).


BlackPeacock BellyDance comes from a BlackSheep background and still has its roots within the format, but also in FatChance ATS and Unmata ITS.

BlackPeacock holds with the belief that the form goes beyond dance. When starting to dance you will not just be picking up new skills but also be joining a whole community of dancers. Your troupe is your tribe and you will quickly build up connections, sometimes with people that you may not normally have encountered! The format is open to people of all abilities, body shapes/sizes and from all walks of life. Although still predominantly performed by female dancers, it is not exclusively for women. In the links section are several male dancers of international acclaim in various styles.


BlackPeacock BellyDance is beautiful to dance and to watch. It helps to build self confidence in a safe and supportive environment. The course will teach you how to execute moves safely so that you can continue to dance for years to come! You will learn how to isolate muscle groups, follow foot patterns and to play finger cymblas (zillar). We will also cover some of the history behind Tribal BellyDance along with costuming.

In level 1 we will introduce you to the foundation moves and principles that the format is built on. You will learn how to execute these moves while playing finger cymbals and apply principles to transition between the moves following and using cues.

For those interested in dancing Tribal Fusion, this is a great basis for developing your style. 

Click on the classes tab above to find out more about where you can learn!

Tribal dancers often have tattooed skin, of course it is not a requirement! Here are Robyn's tattoos along with her tribal teachers and tribal sisters.

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