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​BlackPeacock BellyDance Level 1 (12 week course)

Thursday 7:00pm-8:30pm

£35 per 4 week block

2023 Intakes: 2nd Feb, 4th May, 14th Sept

Signature Studio, Parliament Terrace, Nottingham

(Behind the Tap & Tumbler, between Wollaton Street and Upper Parliament Street. Parking is available on Wollaton Street)

About the class - These classes are a safe and fun environment to discover a new dance format. Led by Robyn, you will learn how to execute the moves distinctive to the format while playing finger cymbals (zillar/sagat) and apply principles key to the format. You will be taught how to lead and follow cues to create unique dance improvisation. Along with covering movement technique, we will also learn about their cultural origins. The classes are also a great opportunity to meet new people and enter into a whole new community of dancers around the world!

What to wear - Please wear a fitted top so that your movements can be clearly seen. We wear practice pants (fitted trousers with a bit of flare) or leggings for class so that you can see our feet & knees. You can wear something similar, leggings or comfortable trousers that allow a lot of free movement and allow us to see your posture. We prefer to dance barefoot, but allow dance feet/shoes/sandals. Hip scarfs (non-jangly noisy ones) are a nice accent but optional!

What else to bring - Most importantly a positive attitude! Also a bottle of water and finger cymbals if you have them (we have some spare sets that we can loan for a small fee or sell on to you).

Before participating in your first session you will be asked to enroll with us and complete a Fitness to Dance form and a Learner Agreement. Click on the links to be taken to these. It is advised as always that you speak to a physician before taking up any new physical activities.

Monthly Fusion Classes with Robyn - Open level

Last Sunday of the month 11:00am-13:00pm


2021 Sessions: On hold due to Covid-19, keep an eye on our social media for updates and one off courses

Nottingham Wildcats Basketball Arena, Greenwood Road, Nottingham, NG3 7EB

Public Transport from city centre: NCT Redline 43

Parking available on site

About Fusion - The style of fusion Robyn teaches is a contemporary form of belly dance rooted in American style Belly Dance, incorporating elements from other dance forms such as ballet, flamenco, jazz, contemporary and hip hop. Fusion is a relatively young dance form and the nature of fusing a number of different styles results in a variety of representations. Robyn's style utilises a strong, open carriage and tensions of opposites through use of form and movement quality, while exploring the use of the body for personal expression.

About the class - The sessions will be suitable for dancers of beginner to intermediate levels, with exercises that can be adapted for different skill levels and physical abilities. We will study posture, conditioning, movement isolations, undulations, arm patterns and foot work, putting them into combinations that can be used in your own choreography or as a basis to encourage combination creation.


What to bring - A bottle of water, yoga mat and any yoga props you may find useful

For the more advanced dancers there will be the opportunity to be invited to a further 2 hours of study for Robyn's performance project, Pavonix. 

Monthly Group Improv Concepts Session - Intermediate level and above

Last Sunday of the month 10:00am-11:00am


2021 Sessions: On hold due to Covid-19, keep an eye on our social media for updates and one of courses

Nottingham Wildcats Basketball Arena, Greenwood Road, Nottingham, NG3 7EB

Public Transport from city centre: NCT Redline 43

Parking available on site

About the class - In these sessions we will be exploring concepts of Sword Work, Zillar, Skirts & Floor Work that can be applied to our Group Improv vocabulary. A basic understanding of any form of Group Improv is required as we won't be going into great detail about each movement but looking at the concepts we can apply  to them within these fields.

What to bring - A bottle of water, props as appropriate (skirt/zillar/sword), knee pads if you require them

Private Classes & Workshops


We're also available for private tuition and to hire for workshops. Get in touch if you'd like more information.

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