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Location: Nottingham, UK


Tel: 07588530874

Professional  info

Robyn has been studying improvised tribal styles and tribal fusion since 2010, qualifying to teach BlackSheep BellyDance in 2012. Robyn travels to study with many international and UK dancers and has performed across the UK and in 2012 was invited to dance at Gothla IT in Milan.


Robyn holds a PGCE: LLS and teaches weekly classes in BlackSheep BellyDance in Nottingham and monthly Tribal Fusion sessions.





Zillar (finger cymbals)


Infusion Emporium - October 2014

Rachel Brice - Layer it on Thick

Samantha Emanuel - Nooks and Crannies

Mat Jacob - The Big Freeze

Drills & Thrills Monthly Intensives - 2012-2014Monthly 4 hour training intensives with Dawn O'Brien.

Gothla UK - July 2014

Amy Sigil - Pony Play

Amy Sigil - Working in the moment

Amy Sigil - Well We Think its Slow

Foundations, Fundematal & Forwards - February - June 2014

Fusion intensives with Alexis Southall in Wolverhampton studying:

choreography, elements of the Salimpour format and technique.

Unmata ITS Level 1 intensives - February - June 2014

Intensives covering the complete level 1 sylabus of Unmatas ITS format with Alexis Southall.


Juniper Project - October 2013

Tribal Fusion project lead by Alexis Southall for performance at Infusion Emporium III

Ghoul School - August 2013

First part of a series of teacher training sessions with Bex Priest for Tribal Fusion classes.

Infusion Emporium III - November 2013

Kami Liddle -  Fancy Footwork

Kami Liddle - 3/4 Shimmy Through & Through

BlackSheep BellyDance Teacher Training -  August 2013

Kajira Djouhmana - BSBD TT Level 2

Kajira Djouhmana - BSBD TT Level 3

Gothla Uk - July 2013

Bev Spracklen - In Sorte Diaboli

Paige Lawrence - Hecate's Cauldron

Morgana - Underworld

Elin Kaven - Afterlife

Ariellah - Drills for Life

2010 - present

2010 - present

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