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Below are links to websites for sources of inspiration!
BlackSheep BellyDance

Mama Sheep! Kajira has devoted herself for 20 years to the proliferation of Synchronized Group Improvisational Tribal Style BellyDance (SGI TS BD) and since 2001 has focused on her own innovative Format, the BlackSheep BellyDance (BSBD) Format. Kajira is the organiser of Tribal Fest, the biggest tribal belly dance festival in the world. She also performs and teaches traditional Tribal and Tribal and Dark Fusion solos.

Gypsy Caravan

International Tribal Belly Dance troupe directed by Paulette Rees-Denis. Paulette is a former student of Fat Chance Belly Dance and a great inspiration to Kajira. Following her own interests, Paulette brought to the melting pot an element of both urban and folk movements with ritual and trance practice for her inspiration.

Fat Chance Belly Dance

The mother format of improvised tribal format, directed by Caroline Nericcio. Fat Chance Belly Dance are accredited with being the first to codify movements into what we know as Tribal Belly Dance today. 

Akasha (Heike Humphreys)

Robyn's first belly dance teacher! Akasha is a level 3 BlackSheep BellyDance teacher based in Southampton. Akasha also specialises in Gothic fusion with a background in Egyptian, but has studied many styles. Heike is also one of the key organisers of Gothla UK and regularly hosts international dancers.

Alexis Southall

Alexis is an internationally aclaimed tribal fusion dancer based in Wolverhampton. Known for her gorgeously gooey styling and impressive musicality. Alexis is also qualified in Unmata ITS lvl3 and is the organiser of Infusion Emporium, the UKs premier fusion belly dance show.

Dawn O'Brien

Based in Birmingham, Dawn is the director of Khalgani the UKs first improvised tribal troupe but is perhaps better known for her unique fusion perfomances. Dawn is one of the UKs top teachers and is known for her killer drills! Dawn has an excellent knowledge of anatomy and dance dynamics which are utilised in her workshops and regular classes.

Nottingham Tribal BellyDance

Fat Chance Belly Dance ATS school based in Nottingham, led by Anna Solini and Denise Piggin. Home to Yakshini & Koyuki dance troupes. Anna and Denise specialise in teaching FCBD with swords and fire props.

Gothla UK

A feast of gothic bellydance for cabaret and tribal dancers alike over a full weekend, beginning with a Showcase on Friday night, Open Stage and Club Night at Leicester Square on Saturday, workshops all day Saturday and Sunday in Leicester, UK.

Uru Tribe

Directed by Paige Lawrence, The Uru Tribe are credited as being the first all male Tribal Fusion troupe, made up of dancers from a variety of backgrounds.


Other prominent male bellydancers worth researching, to name but a few:

John Compton

Jim Boz


Horacio Cifuentes


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