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​Robyn is a UK based fusion style belly dancer, best known for her performances with BlackPeacock BellyDance, Pavnoix and as a soloist.

She discovered videos online of tribal fusion belly dancers and was immediately hooked! Robyn was lucky enough to start her first classes with Akasha (Heike Humphreys) in Southampton and it was here she first encountered the BlackSheep BellyDance format. Robyn then began performing Fusion with Tribe of the Honeybadgers, who are regular performers in the Gothla UK stage show led by Akasha.

Robyn went on to train in workshops with many other teachers from across the world, taking regular classes in FCBD ATS with Beatrice Flowers and Tribal Fusion Drills and Thrills with Dawn O'Brien.

In September 2012 Robyn spent a week studying with Kajira Djoumahna, creator of BlackSheep BellyDance. During this time Robyn qualified as a BlackSheep Level 1 teacher. She then went on to study with Kajira again in August 2013 and qualified to teach Levels 2 & 3.

The next step in Robyn's dance journey has been the creation of the BlackPeacock BellyDance format. Taking inspiration from all she has learnt from Kajira and the BlackSheep family, as well as other key tribes (Khalgani, Fat Chance, Gypsy Caravan, Unmata, Tribal Unity & WildCard to name but a few), with the grounding and reasoning of her assistant director, Charlotte Heloise, and the patience of her beautiful tribe members.

Since then Robyn has continued to study intensively with teachers such as Ashley Lopez, Kami Liddle & April Rose while continue her ongoing studies with Alexis Southall.

In 2013 Robyn participated in the first incarnation of Alexis Southall's Juniper Project with dancers from across Europe. She has gone on to train regularly with Alexis, participating in the Tribal Fusion Education Programme 2015, Juniper Project 2015, 2016 & 2017 and was invited to join the Juniper Collective 2016, 2018 & 2019.

Her studies with Alexis and Dawn have heavily influenced her own teaching style and inspired her creation of Pavonix.

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